How arts can unite Africa

PM News, Oct 4, 2019

An art enthusiast, Hana Omilani, has said that art could be explored to unite the peoples of Africa just as sport had been used to unite the global community.

Addressing journalists on Thursday on her upcoming maiden Impart Artists Fair in Lagos, the art consultant said that African unity could be achieved through exploration of art programmes across the continent.


Omilani said that art as an aspect of the creative sector was capable of uniting Africans if governments in the continent could organize programmes along the creative sector to involve the 54 African countries.

She opined that if sports could be used as a unifying force in the world over the years, art was also capable of achieving same for Africa.

“Art is one of the tools to use in uniting Africans, just as we have used sports to effect global unity.


“It is time to show the world our potential in arts instead of dwelling on our negative stories which is only tarnishing our image.


“This can be done when we organise art fairs and some other programmes around arts that would gather African professionals in the art industry to interact and share ideas,” she said.

Omilani said that her interest in uniting Africans through the creative sector influenced her decision to hold the art fair, aimed at promoting African artists and their works.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the fair would take place from Oct. 25 to Oct. 27 at Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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October 4, 2019