Impart Artist Fair Fuses Tech With Art

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Lasmara, an African artist consultancy firm has keyed into technological advancements to hold the first edition of Impart Artist Fair, an exhibition of artistes expressions which brings creativity and technology together.

Speaking at the exhibition, Hana Omilani, founder and Director of Lasmara said that Impart Artist Fair is the first platform Lasmara is creating to promote African artistes and raise the value of African art.

With the theme, ‘Art Meets Tech’, the Fair deployed a high dose of homegrown technology to change the face of how exhibitions are viewed. From soundless discussion panels to screening on Virtual Reality, modern technology was the full thrust of the art fair. It also featured a digital graffiti wall where visitors could spraypaint their imagination on a digital board and have them printed, emailed to them or posted directly on social media.

“I believe that the tech sector has a huge creative amount of potential that is not exposed, especially in our African market. There are some creatives in this tech sector that are working, that nobody has heard of but they are artists in their own rights. But in the first instance, it is to use technology to promote our African artists. because Nigeria is one of the countries that bypass landlines, mobile users. We are connected here.

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November 2, 2019