Impart Artists Fair: Showcasing African art on global scale

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Securing gallery representation could seem an arduous task for artists. While it is possible to do it alone, it is hard to understate the importance of a supportive, dedicated gallery. LASMARA has come to bridge the gap and much more with Impart Artists Fair.


The maiden edition which took place at Alpha One, Eko Atlantic, Lagos, spans the entire art circle with an elaborate ceremony.

The décor, sight and sounds during the opening at Eko Atlantic make everyone feel deeply with art, and the pool of artists from around Africa comprising Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Sudan, and Ghana among many other African countries proved that art traverses globally.


“We want to really put African art on a global scale; we have to use the tools we have as Africans. Also, to be part of the global picture, the tool we have now is technology,” the founder of LASMARA, Hana Omilani, said.

She added: “What we plan is to go to different cities in Africa. We will be going to another city shortly, but we need to secure some of the logistics.

“The plan is to go to more cities in Africa, if we do it once a year it is not enough, some artists came even though the application has closed months ago, many came physically with their works. It is important we do it in Africa, Nigeria first, we can go somewhere else after telling our story first from here.

Tagged ‘Art meets Tech’, the show indeed boasts of the latest technology. Many who could not be at the fair physically enjoyed live streaming from the fair ground. The fair has many interesting activities: workshop sessions, among others.



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November 16, 2019